Videos of Just 4 Funk

Just 4 Funk Summer Workshop

At our workshops we like to end with a friendly battle between the participants. Here’s an example. Thanks to Chrissie from SDCC for making the video:



Summer Workshop with Just 4 Funk from Matthew Macklin on Vimeo.

Matt AKA BBoy Splinter Wins Bones 2 the Stones Brixton

Video of Matt AKA BBoy Splinter from Just 4 Funk versus Spin in the final of Bones 2 The Stones Brixon 2010.

Just 4 Funk on A Train


Short trailer of Just 4 Funk jamming on a train on the way back from I.B.E 2009 in Heerlen, Holland. Don’t try this on First Great Western. Made by BBoy Suga Rush from Just 4 Funk!

Just 4 Funk I.B.E 2009

Another short trailer of Just 4 Funk having some fun in Holland after I.B.E. Still waiting on the footage from the battles so in the mean time enjoy this footage of us dancing in random places around Holland courtesy of master film-maker Bboy Suga Rush.

BBoy Suga Rush’s Caribbean Adventure

BBoy Suga Rush of Just 4 Funk brings breakin’ to the golden sands of Trinidad and Tobago… harder than you’d think!