From April – October 2015 we are running an Arts Council England funded project to build a sustainable breaking (breakdance) scene in Torbay.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn from the best!

Ricoshea, Splinter and Suga Rush from Just 4 Funk will be teaching subsidized classes at various locations around Torbay. You can come and learn, challenge yourself, and get involved with your local breakdance crew!

This is NOT like a “streetdance” choreography class. At these classes you will learn only AUTHENTIC BBoy/Bgirl (breakdance) foundations including Toprock, Footwork, awesome SPIN MOVES and freezes. You will also get the chance to take part in shows and come to battles!



This project has now finished. If you are interested in upcoming projects (either attending one or helping us run one), please get in contact with