Photos of Just 4 Funk Breaking Crew

Photos of Just 4 Funk in action (and also chilling!).


BattleStations PhotoshootJust 4 Funk Battle Stations Photoshoot
Just 4 Funk Win City vs City
Just 4 Funk Win City vs City Photos
Rush Photoshoot
Rush Photoshoot
BattleStations 2v2 Winners: Bugz & Rush
Battle Stations 2 on 2 Winners Bugz and Rush
Shows (various)
Just 4 Funk Shows Photos
Hearing Aid EventHearing Aid Event
Just 4 Funk with Last 4 One
Just 4 Funk With Last 4 One Crew
Just 4 Funk at Breakin’ Convention Sadlers Wells
Just 4 Funk Breaking (Breakdance, Breakdancing, streetdance streetdancing) crew at Breakin' Convention: An international Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre at Sadlers Wells, London
Splinter Wins Stoopid FreshMatthew Macklin from Just 4 Funk wins Stoopid Fresh BBoy (Breakdance, Breakdancing, Streetdance, Streetdancing) battle in Bath